• InTuitionX is an online platform tailor-made for tuition teachers
  • Stop spending valuable time and money on multiple different services to conduct online classes
  • Save upto 100,000/= year spent on traditional web platforms

Live Video Streaming

  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Unlimited number of live class sessions
  • No time limits on live class sessions
  • All of the above features at zero cost

Payments Management

View at a glance:

  • If each student has paid
  • Daily income
  • Weekly income
  • Monthly income

All Your Material Organized In One Place

Upload your subject notes, syllabus, past papers, flowcharts and any other subject material into your class library and share with all your students effortlessly

Dynamic Class Timetables

Set or change the date and time of your classes and have both your personal schedule and class timetables automatically updated

Set Assessments or Submissions

For each scheduled class

  • Upload reading material
  • Upload material for preparation
  • Set homework
  • Set assignments
  • Set submissions with deadlines and view each submission for marking

Interactive Classes

Present your lesson, write on the interactive whiteboard, post a question poll or choose from a wide variety of tools to best suit your teaching style

Option to record classes

If a student misses a class, they can request to view the recording, and upon your approval, the recording will be available for them to view after paying the class fee

Class Forum

Communicate with your students or start collaborative discussion threads

Instant Notifications

Your students will receive instant notifications when you:

  • Change the class schedule
  • Upload or change material in the class library
  • Set an assessment or submission
  • Send a message to the class

Why Conduct Classes on InTuitionX?

  • Money spent on Zoom and similar apps :
  • Cost to rent a hall/classroom to conduct classes :
  • Cost to print notes and subject materials :
  • Cost of transport to travel to conduct classes :
  • Cost to advertise your classes :
  • Amount of time wasted in traffic :
  • Conduct classes from the comfort of your own home
  • Significantly increase your student base by teaching students from all over the island!

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Help Sri Lanka by using InTuitionX

Sri Lanka is facing a foreign exchange crisis. Spending USDs on web apps such as Zoom will further aggravate the crisis. IntuitionX is proudly a 100% Sri Lankan company. Switch to Intuionx and ensure that USDs do not unnecessarily leave Sri Lanka.


Billion Rupees

The loss to the national economy due to traffic congestion in the Colombo city alone

Sri Lanka’s transport sector contributes to:


of the total greenhouse gas emissions


of the total CO2, emissions

  • Attending live classes from home will significantly improve traffic congestion and thereby reduce Sri Lanka’s environmental pollution and improve the economy.